Touring SD

It’s sad–this is my senior year, and 3rd year of living in San Diego, but I still haven’t seen/done a lot. I thought I’d make a list of places I want to go, so I’d have something (somewhat) tangible to remind me that I need to get out more and see things.
Yeah, it may be a little touristy (something my old roommate would complain about when we were living in CPH), but so what?! That’s not going to stop me from getting out and exploring the city! I sorely miss Copenhagen, especially all the museums I went to. I don’t care that they aren’t the Del Prado or the Uffizi–they still have their own charm and I miss that. It felt so personal, so intimate, and I loved that. I loved that I had friends that loved to explore certain museums over and over. I wish I could have done what they did, and I regret not visiting certain museums more often (totally wish I got a membership pass from Louisiana–I went 2-3 times and explored pretty much everything, but it was one of those places you could go to over and over and just enjoy taking in the atmosphere of both the museum and the sea).

So, here is my list of places I want to go in San Diego:
[I have included notes on whether or not certain places are free, just as more incentive to go.]

Museum of Photographic Arts
San Diego Museum of Art
San Diego Museum of Man
Timken Museum of Art FREE
San Diego Zoo
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
Museum of the Living Artist FREE w/ STUDENT ID
San Diego Natural History Museum

La Jolla
Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
-La Jolla branch
-Downtown San Diego branch

Mount Soledad/Kate Sessions
Wild Animal Park

Outside of SD:

Written: Jan. 24, 2010
Last Updated: July 3, 2011


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