Costco Randomness

This past week was laden with studying in the library. I decided to do something different on Wednesday.
This was my conversation with my flatmate, Travis:

Me: I’ve decided to take the night off since I’ve been studying so much lately. I think I deserve a bit of fun. I’m gonna go hang out with some kids from Photo Club.
Travis: Where are you guys going?
Me: Costco.
*Travis proceeds to laugh*

Well, it is what I did. The original plan was to hit up the relatively closer Costco in PB, but we ended up going to the one by Fenton Parkway after I mentioned Ikea (<3 Ikea). Unfortunately, everything was closing so Kenny and Paul had barely enough time to grab frikadeller (meatballs) from Ikea (FAILSAUCE ON OUR PARTS). We waited for Sui and Stephen to finish their shopping at Costco. Somehow, I ended up in a shopping cart, and the three of us fooled around, taking pics outside Costco.
Btw, for those of you not familiar with Costco, it's a huge warehouse that sells goods in bulk (for you Danes, think of Metroen, but way cheaper. The idea is to buy in bulk to save money).
We ended up at Mimi's Cafe afterward.

In the cart.

Sui :]


Taste it! You know you want to…

Paul’s Jambalaya. Nomnomnom.

Stolen from Paul.

We tried again on Friday, with much more success. I had slice of Costco pizza and a smoothie for dinner, lol. Somehow, Liyin and I ended up buying a huge amount of hummus and tzatziki…
Kenny drove us to Tacos El Gordo afterward. Too bad I was too full from Costco goodness to eat any tacos. Oh well. I just enjoyed a cup of horchata instead (so good!!!).

Kenny, Richard, and Liyin. The lighting seems really off to me :/

Richard’s bevy of Mexican goodness.

Friday?! But how is it already Friday again?

The first week of the new quarter FLEW by.
I spent most of the week adjusting to my new schedule and fighting jet-lag.

I got the dress (knit with rows of stars across it) just this past time that I went to Taiwan. I think we found it at a night market. I normally would stray away from a shape like this, but it didn’t seem to be unflattering, and I love that the sides of the dress stick out like that BECAUSE THEY HAVE POCKETS!!!
I got those tights from Pull and Bear from my trip to Spain last year, and have not been able to put them to good use until now.

And, yes, I’m standing on a chair. Left my full-length mirror at home in Nor Cal.

Tights and bottom edge of the dress.

And last night was kind of fun. More so random, though. The original plan was to go to a bar in PB, but the line was too long. So we left for the La Jolla Brew House, which was CLOSED. We stopped at Shaun’s since they live just a block away, and then finished off the night at TGI Friday’s for a drink and some food.
I’m so proud of myself–the drink I got was $5 and the baked potato I ordered was $3!






With the works.

My Friday should be quiet. Everyone else is planning to party this weekend, but I’m exhausted! All I want to do is stay in, watch a movie, knit, and maybe drink a beer or two.

A little taste of Old Taiwan

Tuesday night, my big aunt invited us to dinner at this museum that doubles as a restaurant. It gives you a glimpse of what life what like in the early-to-mid-1900s. Though this restaurant is not as extensive as the museum in Taipei, still it’s fun and it’s a bit of a flashback for me, since my big aunt took my cousin, Tzu-Han, and me to the Taipei “storyland” about 4 years ago.



Oooh, look at the old cameras…

Crazy-looking banana.
Taiwan used to be the #1 grower and exporter of bananas, hence this ongoing theme of bananas in the storyhouses.

Hitting that finishing line

I am incredulous as to how this quarter is already over. Someone mentioned to me that we had Thanksgiving break really late this year. I suppose it’s usually during 8th week, but this week, it was already 9th week for us.

Anyway, I had my first final on Friday. That didn’t go over so well, but that was expected. From what I’ve heard, the average is normally around 30 points (out of 100 points). I just have to hope that I received a score above the average.

I’ve been spending most of my time studying, mainly for my Structural Biochemistry exam tomorrow. It’s been a lot of listening to lectures (my friend, Han, was nice enough to give me his recordings of my professor’s lectures).

Since, I’m listening to about 15 hours’ worth of lectures (for the second time, upon completion of typing ALL of my notes), all I have to do is understand the slides that accompany the lecture, which means that I have time to KNIT!

I got Travis to take me to Michael’s on Friday, and I bought some yarn to knit into scarves for friends :]
Nice to be knitting again, though I’m getting in a frenzy to do all these things like knit clothing and start up a knitting club or SnB (Stitch and Bitch) at my school. But that may just be my mind trying to wander away from Finals.

Knit sweater vest with a t-back design, and pockets! Found on Material’s website. I’d like to try knitting that, but it’s a lot of work, and I have a terribly short attention span…

I really want to do well this quarter. I have no distractions, no excuses (fencing), so I have to do well. And I figure that I’ll enjoy my winter break MORE if I have the peace of mind that I sat down, studied hard, and did my best :]

Car Talk

My oh my–how is it already December?!

Well, the rest of my Thanksgiving break went too quickly.
I had lunch with an old friend/teammate, Heather on Friday. So good to see her :] Then I proceeded to procrastinate on hw for the rest of the day.
On Saturday, I studied, but I also got to meet up with Thomas and Charmaine for a couple of hours. We ate at the Falafel’s Drive-In, close to downtown SJ, and then got some boba. Both of them are friends I made in Copenhagen. Thomas is actually doing some sort of research exchange from his Uni in Austria, at Cal. And Char lives in the bay. It was great meeting up both of them and finding out what they’ve been up to since we all hung out together in Copes.

I spent the rest of the time studying and shivering, as it was REALLY cold (at least to me :[ ) in the Bay (or in my house, thanks to the new-found lack of carpeting we have).
I was really sad on Sunday. I didn’t want to go back to SD, and I knew that this week and next week would be INCREDIBLY stressful.
In the morning, my mom and I listened to a program from NPR, “Car Talk.” I have to say, I’m not really into cars, but the two hosts (brothers) are HILARIOUS! They had my mom and me cracking up very often. New favorite program (alongside “From the Top”).
Though I was still bummed to be leaving home, that program really cheered me up, or at least distracted me from feeling sorry for myself.

Since then, I’ve been busy studying for finals. That is my life right now :[
One more week to go >.< !

Tim Burton’s Drawings

Here’s a link to a small article about Tim Burton’s Art, that’s being displayed in NY’s MOMA:

Tim Burton’s Drawings On Display

I’m not a die-hard Tim Burton fan, but I do enjoy his work, and I love that almost everything he touches has this grotesque-yet whimsical and inviting touch to it.
It draws you in and evokes all these feelings at once of nostalgia, and the hypothetical; he’s really good at tapping into the unknown depths of his imagination, which in turn provokes our imaginations.
So yeah, not a die-hard fan, but a fan enough :]
Wish I could go see this exhibit in person. Too bad it’s all the way on the other side of the country :[