Hello, my name is Florence.

I’m a student at UCSD.

I’m also a dreamer who is constantly trying to put those dreams, thoughts, ideas into action, although it usually fails ;]

This blog is just a way for me to jot down bits and pieces of my life; it’s a way for me to stop and sit down to reflect on my life, how great and how crappy it can be. This is also my first attempt at more short and random posting, with more ideas and thoughts thrown into the mix, instead of it being primarily about drawn-out events in my life (which can be so limiting and frustrating).

One of the biggest things to happen to me recently is that I spent a year abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, as an exchange student at Copenhagen Uni (aka KU). I learned a bit of Danish (it’s terrible, but I love to practice it).

This blog is also a way for me just to connect the past year of my life in Denmark to the rest of my life. Things are constantly changing, and I always have the urge to start another blog for some reason or another. I think I’ll be updating this one for a while, though. It’s nice to see the progression of life post-DK, from comparing similar experiences, to having old friends (from CPH) visit me, to seeing even older friends (the ones from home and school in SD) and reconnecting with them.

One thought on “About”

  1. Hi Florence

    Hope you are fine 🙂 This is a great blog. Hope to see you in DK again one day :o)

    Wish you the Best


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