Day 5: Nørrebro

Charlotte’s kollegium gets free laundry service so I took advantage of that, that morning.

In the afternoon, I met up with Pernille, a Danish girl who studied at UCSD. We ran into each other in the Science and Engineering Library, where I though heard two people speaking Danish behind me. This was the Fall Quarter after I had just gotten back from Copenhagen. Having no shame, I asked them if they were Danish, when they got up to leave. Turned out that the other person was Norwegian. After that, she and I kept in touch and would hang out in San Diego, from time to time. She visited last summer, and now I got to visit her in Copenhagen 🙂

I had her meet me where my old apartment is, Nybrogade, and we ducked into the cafe on the corner because of the rain. I had actually never been in there before, so that was new for me. When the rain died down a bit, we went to eat at Riz Raz, my favorite restaurant, a vegetarian (well, I guess not anymore, since they serve meat now) buffet.

We then walked from the downtown area to Nørrebro, which is where her apartment is. It’s probably the most popular neighborhood for young people to live in. Probably because of the distance and cold, but I didn’t make my way into that neighborhood all that often. I think I missed out. It is a really cool neighborhood. Kind if like North Park or Hillcrest in San Diego.
Her apartment is still quite new and therefore sparsely (and carefully) decorated, mostly with personal pictures and posters. It was still hyggeligt, even as a relatively big apartment for one person.

I walked back and took a couple of pictures when I passed the lakes.

This one being the nicest one I took.

That night, I watched Denmark play against Germany in the Euro Cup. What a disappointment that they lost.
I then packed and got ready for my trip to Skagen the next day.


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