Day 3: Gik Rundt i Hovedstaten

I had a later start to my day, the jet-lag finally starting to kick in. I spend the first part of my day hanging out and saying good-bye to my new friend, Susan. It’s such a shame that we didn’t get to hang out longer before she left, but it’s time for her to be back home with family and friends 🙂

I bought a sim card at a 7-11, that being a bit confusing for me, since I didn’t know what I need, exactly, and I’m not even sure this phone can be used abroad (though Susan did say it’s so old that it may pre-date phone locking, so it shouldn’t be an issue, lol). But this is one of those awkward interactions I’ve been having on a daily basis. And I want to use my Danish but I don’t want to look like a fool or offend myself. *sigh* I just settled on a 50 kr Lebara card, so we’ll see if if works or not, when I’m in Sweden.

I didn’t have the proper time on me, or so I thought (cell phone asked me to program in a time but it may have switched over automatically after the sim card was activated), and I arrived downtown too early to meet with Charlotte for lunch.
Instead, I walked some familiar streets by Nybrogade, where my old apartment stands. I didn’t get too near; not quite sure why, but I did feel somewhat out of place. Instead, I walked down Gammelstrand, which is going through some construction, replete with ugly scaffolding 😦
I walked to Søstrene Grønne and spent a good amount of time wandering the shop. It’s like a prettier Tiger, both being something akin to dollar stores full of random nicknacks, snacks, and some practical items. I wanted to buy everything I saw, because everything is packaged so nicely. However, my suitcase is still too full with gifts for people, so I settled on some postcards and a piece of Panda raspberry black licorice (yes, I like black licorice).

Walked over to the Christiansborg Slot entrance, not realizing until much later that I was an hour and a half early. I killed time by wandering around, taking pictures at one of the most beautiful places in Copenhagen (the area between the Christiansborg Slot entrance and the Black Diamond library; there’s a small garden and huge fountain with lots of greenery all around; great for a picnic), writing postcards, and talking to strangers 🙂 I had a Brazilian tourist approach me asking me where he was and where he should go. I love being able to help people like that.

The front of the parliament building at Christiansborg Slot. Kind of confusing to find, if you have not been before. It’s not very obvious, and the map by the outside of the palace is kind of crappy.

On the way to the garden. Also pretty.

This picture does not do this place justice.

Finally, it was 14:30, and Charlotte came out to get me. An got a guest pass and then followed her around the building. I felt extra special, since I had already been on a guided tour of the palace–now used as the parliament building–and almost everything she showed me was not included in the tour. I think I did see a paternoster elevator before, but I got to ride it this time! It’s SO cool!!! and kind of scary.
It’s amazing to me how they made such an old building so modern, and everything about it was still beautiful and classic. She showed me the library that the interns use, and, of course, it was gorgeous. The parliament building is connected to some old buildings around it, and it was cool to be in the building where her actual office is, since bits of the old façade peek out from the modern white walls. When we left, we exited out right next to the garden, where we ended up eating lunch. Eating outside is something I don’t do enough of–I know, I live in California and I didn’t take advantage of the good weather.



I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and making myself look extra awkward in the process (dug through my bag for 5 minutes looking for my coin purse, only to find it in my cost pocket; my life is full of these moments), but everyone was nice and spoke to me in Danish at first. I even ran into the post lady I interacted with the most 3 years ago. I think she remembered me and I managed to get a smile out of the stern lady. Win 😀

I got home and was quite exhausted, the jet-lag really affecting me by then. I compromised that if I could take a nap for 30 minutes, I would run for just as long. I ended up running for 35 minutes, through the park behind Statens Museum for Kunst, to and around one of the lakes. It felt great.

I came back to shower, and then eat in the kitchen, and ended up staying there until like 3 or 4 in the morning, hanging out and drinking beer with some Danes. Nini introduced a lot of Danish music to me that I’d never heard before (she knows lots of up-and-coming acts), and I got to impress people with a pretty decent knowledge of Danish popular music. They showed me some really terrible stuff, too (Google the band Infernal and listen to “Kalinka”). It was nice to have an evening like this, where we just hung out, and others could come into the kitchen to join us for at least a little bit. One girl, Kamilla, had just come back on holiday from Turkïye, and she told us that she didn’t remember a single thing from her entire week abroad (what a crazy girl). Lucky for me, she was so tired and probably hungover–if not still drunk–that she spoke to me in Danish (“Du forstår mig, og jeg forstår dig, så hvorfor ikke snakker vi på dansk?”).
De alt var så hyggeligt.


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