Day 1: København

After my flight from SFO to Frankfurt (the 10 hours of which flew by so quickly, most likely because everyone had their own TV packed with lots of entertainment), I arrived into Copenhagen around 4 pm, and I got into Charlotte’s kollegium (like a dorm) at 5:15.

Sitting at the Frankfurt airport, I was starting to feel the exhaustion from my 10-hour flight kick in, but I battled it until I got on the second plane. This was mostly out of fear because I didn’t want to end up like Liyin’s sister who is a repeat offender for sleeping through flight announcements at the airport XD

I think being in Copenhagen on a Euro Cup play day really woke me up. After almost 18 hours of travel and barely any sleep, we headed out to Kongenshave (The King’s Garden) to watch the match against Portugal with many other Danes on a large screen.
Crazy. Just crazy. I forgot how tall some Danes can be, but it turned out okay because I used them for shade from the sun 😀
There was some hope that we might win the match, but we had a disappointing loss :<; iI was still something to be in a crowd like that.

I went for a walk, post-game to grab some provisions. Went to a Døgn Netto, and had lots of flashbacks of buying groceries at Nettos all over Copenhagen. A lot of my Danish has sadly been forgotten, but standing in the supermarket, some words started to come back, like "kalkun," the word for turkey. And, of course, I picked up some rugbrød (a thick, Danish rye bread) and some havarti, old and familiar foods that bring back lots of memories for me. Like how my classmates and I used to dislike rugbrød, so we'd jokingly refer to it as "rug bread," since it felt and tasted like we were eating a piece of a rug D:

Some of the tastiest airplane food I’ve had in a long time.

Image of our plane mid-flight, while going over Newfoundland.

The often elusive, Danish national pride.


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