Day 8: Seattle Day 3/Redding (overnight stop)

The next morning, we had breakfast at the Waffle Window. I must say, this is one of the most memorable breakfasts that I’ve had, because of the setting and how good the food was. You ordered at a window in the side of a building; literally hole in the wall! I’m not really a waffle person, but I’ll gladly eat anything with waffles this restaurant makes anytime.



At the time, Jessica was an employee at Columbia, so we took the opportunity to take advantage of her employee discount and of the fact that Oregon does not charge sales tax. We did a decent amount of damage at the Columbia outlet we found XD

So cute. We saw this on our way back to the car from the Columbia outlet.

We returned to Lindsey’s to grab our stuff and say our goodbyes. I think Dog was particularly sad to see us go :[
We drove to Powell’s Bookstore for a last bit of lingering/loitering in the city. Holy crap–this place is amazing! It’s like literally an entire block full of books. There was too much for me to handle, so I only stayed in the same place for the entire amount of time we allotted to split up and look around. The only thing I ended up buying was a couple of shopping bags. That’s how overwhelmed by books I was D:
We grabbed some food a few streets away, where all these food trucks were stationed. The amazing thing about Portland is that in any neighborhood you go to, you’ll be certain to find some food trucks :] We also saw a craft services bus and wondered what it was for (maybe Portlandia?).

Dump(ling) truck. Too cute.

Then, we finally started on our return southward. We decided not to book a hotel for that night, and just drove until we got really tired. We stopped before the border between California and Oregon to have get the Oregon treatment of having someone else fill your gas tank for you, and hopefully to get our window cleaned of bugs (latter didn’t happen, so we had to do it ourselves).

A shot from the drive down.

We ended up in Redding for the night, at a Best Western. No complaints here. They gave us a suite at a discounted rate, plus there was breakfast in the morning. Getting back to Northern California was a big change from Oregon and Washington. It was much hotter in Redding. It truly felt like summer with the warm air clinging to you. XD


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