Spring 2010 Pt. 2

I found more pictures of my Spring quarter on another memory card.
Sungod came and went SUPER quickly. Thrice played, which was FANTASTIC (as usual), and the dance tent was an insane party! Drake put on a rather disappointing performance, though.

Pernille invited me to a birthday party. The two birthday boys were Norwegian exchange students, so the party consisted of mostly Norwegians and 1 Dane, 1 German, and 2 Americans (me included). They managed to find a little house with a nice backyard in PB to rent during their stay here. We enjoyed a little BBQ in their backyard. It was a nice change of scenery and pace. Some of the Norwegians, like Kirsti, were so kind as to humor me in practicing my Danish. Hopefully, I impressed a few kids there :3
Funfact: According to the Norwegians at the party, a large part of why Norway has so many different dialects used is due to the geography of the country–it’s really mountainous all over, which separated groups of people from each other and enabled differences in the spoken language to be established. So, people from Trondheim and Tromsø will make fun of the way the other speaks and then they’ll gang up on Norwegians who live in the South and make fun of them for having Danish-like accents. *The more you know*

I think that following Friday was really busy for me. I got to have dinner with Pernille and then I went out to karaoke with some other friends.
Dinner was great! We ran around Ralph’s picking up supplies, and made feta and basil stuffed chicken, potatoes, and a salad. It was really…hyggeligt :]
Karaoke was alright. A misunderstanding occurred at the first venue, so we moved out to our standard, Min Sok Chon. I gotta say, though, that may be my favorite place to do karaoke. The food is cheap and delicious and the staff is just great.

Pre-Sungod hang out.



Ted and Pernille







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