Easy Like Sunday Morning

The weekend following my Metabolic Biochem midterm was really…unproductive and relaxing :]

I was supposed to fence with Emily on Saturday, but plans fell through, so I went to the gym instead.
In the afternoon, I had to run errands, so I missed out on a really informative Light Room/Photoshop Tutorial the Photo Club had :[

On Sunday, I went out to brunch with Linda, Travis, and Liyin at The Cottage in downtown La Jolla.
It was really, really delicious and just super decadent. The rest of the day I squandered doing I don’t even remember what, lol. I remember trying to study and failing to do so; instead, I napped on the couch.

I enjoy this pic :]

My flatmate, Travis, and me.
(white spot in hair due to light peeking through tree above us.)

My “Windansea” omelet. I think I got it mainly because it mentioned Havarti cheese (<3 Havarti Cheese) and spinach.


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