Kenting, a beach town on the Southern tip of Taiwan.

On Monday, my mom, brother, and I woke up early to head down to Kenting. This required a 50 minute ride on the HSR, southbound to Kaohsiung, and then a 1.5-hour long taxi ride to the tiny beach town.
It was still too early in the day to access our room, so we checked in our luggage and walked down the main strip in search of lunch. We ate at a little Chinese restaurant, which had pretty decent food (at least my dish was decent: stir-fried rice).

We walked back to the hotel and sat on/by the beach, waiting for our room to be ready. We also signed up for a free archery class.
We got the call and put all our stuff in our room, and changed. Then, we headed towards the activities center. It was about a 20-minute session, where the instructor (under the name, “Happy”) taught us the basic procedure of shooting the arrow, and then we just went for it. My brother and I both hit the bull’s eye at least once 😀

Afterwards, we just sat in the pool for a good hour. It turned out that the pool was actually a spa of sorts, with different stations. At each station, you press a button which activates some sort of jet stream that massages different parts of your body. So nice, so nice :3

Had dinner shortly after. We walked further down the strip and found a decent Thai restaurant.
After dinner, we perused some of the shops on the way back, as well as the night market. My brother walked into a liquor store and ended up giving a bunch of guys from Alberta a little lesson on the different types of alcohol -___-” I’m not sure what he told them, but I know they walked off with a fair amount of liquor and 2 cases of Carona. Funny thing is that my brother and I both asked at separate times, “Do you have limes for that?” They didn’t, but they didn’t seem to care much about that minor detail. Crazy kids.

The rest of the night was spent relaxing in the hotel room, watching Kdramas on TV, and writing postcards to people.

The next day, I slept in while my mom and brother went to get breakfast. Just as well, since they said that the breakfast buffet was pretty disappointing.
Spent the rest of the morning packing up. Sent out my postcards, and then lounged on the beach until it was time to go.
Took a bus back to Kaohsiung (2-hour ride), and the HSR back to Taichung.

Spent the remainder of the day relaxing (we got our hair washed/cut) and then had dinner with family at a neat little restaurant (more on that later).

The gorgeous beach!

Another shot

“Yes, I’d like to order, ‘The onion explodes the ostrich meat,’ please.”

Yet another shot of the beach

Day 1 of lounging.

Archery. A shot of my brother.

Archery. A shot of me.

The pool/spa area by night. Lovely~

The tiny night market of Kenting.

The cute post office of Kenting.

Lounging day 2.


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