Hitting that finishing line

I am incredulous as to how this quarter is already over. Someone mentioned to me that we had Thanksgiving break really late this year. I suppose it’s usually during 8th week, but this week, it was already 9th week for us.

Anyway, I had my first final on Friday. That didn’t go over so well, but that was expected. From what I’ve heard, the average is normally around 30 points (out of 100 points). I just have to hope that I received a score above the average.

I’ve been spending most of my time studying, mainly for my Structural Biochemistry exam tomorrow. It’s been a lot of listening to lectures (my friend, Han, was nice enough to give me his recordings of my professor’s lectures).

Since, I’m listening to about 15 hours’ worth of lectures (for the second time, upon completion of typing ALL of my notes), all I have to do is understand the slides that accompany the lecture, which means that I have time to KNIT!

I got Travis to take me to Michael’s on Friday, and I bought some yarn to knit into scarves for friends :]
Nice to be knitting again, though I’m getting in a frenzy to do all these things like knit clothing and start up a knitting club or SnB (Stitch and Bitch) at my school. But that may just be my mind trying to wander away from Finals.

Knit sweater vest with a t-back design, and pockets! Found on Material’s website. I’d like to try knitting that, but it’s a lot of work, and I have a terribly short attention span…

I really want to do well this quarter. I have no distractions, no excuses (fencing), so I have to do well. And I figure that I’ll enjoy my winter break MORE if I have the peace of mind that I sat down, studied hard, and did my best :]


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