Hello, (mid-)November!

Hello, everybody! Long time no blog D:
School has been so crazy and I’ve just been trying to enjoy everything and manage my time better–work hard, play hard.

I’ve left this as a draft since the 8th of November, lol. It was meant to be a catch up post, containing all of the exciting going-ons of October, as well as a little discussion of why I love November, but that’s going to have to wait.

But I’ve got a midterm next week, and then it’s FINALLY Thanksgiving break~!

This week is probably the busiest I’ve been socially, though I’ve been academically active, too 😛
Aside from my regular grind of school, I went to see Cartel on Tuesday. Wednesday, I saw a play on campus with friends (“Sexual Selection: Darwin and Shakespeare Discuss Love”) and then we went to Min Sok Chon for some delicious Korean food. I went to an info session for Scandinavia to answer questions from students and tell people about my experience abroad (only 3 people showed up, and 2 of them are looking at Lund, and not Copes :[ ).
Friday, I’m finally going to a Bear Garden event on campus, attending the second part of a DVD workshop on lighting for photography, and going to a party where you have to come dressed as one (or any combo) of the 7 deadly sins.
And then I’m going to study the rest of the weekend for my midterm. *sigh*

Also, I got pinkeye (aka, conjunctivitis) last Saturday. Been wearing my glasses since Saturday, when I first suspected that something was wrong with my left eye. Told a few friends and have been pretty careful as not to touch my eye and spread the virus/infection. Funny thing, though, in my Chinese class, we learned the character for “fa,” meaning deliver. We had to come up with words/phrases we were familiar with. I came up with “fa yen,” which means infection, and the prof used “Ni de yenjing fa yen le” (meaning, your eye is infected) as an example. At that point, a few of my friends turned to look at me and we all started to chuckle.
It’s a nice change to be wearing my glasses, but it’s a little disconcerting not to be wearing contacts, since I’ve worn them almost every day for the past 7 years of my life.


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