Every Saturday should be like this.

I had yet another horrible night of sleep, but had to wake up around 10 AM. Last night, Linda called to inform me about free and $1 tickets going on sale this morning at 10. So, we decided to team up and try to get tickets. I was successful in acquiring lawn seats (free!) that would probably have cost at least $30 a pop. The concert is on the 11th of October, and I’m looking forward to relaxing with some friends.

I spent most of today at a birthday BBQ bash for my friend (and former fencing teammate, Lucky). I only knew maybe half of the people, but once I settled in, I had a lot of fun. Some of the kids competed in a few games of “beer diving.” The objective is to dive into the pool, grab a beer from the bottom, open it, and drink at least to the bottom of the neck of the bottle (but if you can drink more, that’s better). Alex did really well for a first try, but Ed did the best twice, drinking the most out of the bottle both times.
There was also a few games of “Challenge,” a game the fencers would play at tournaments. I haven’t seen it in so long, but it was fun for me remember all the good times we had with that game.
Anyway, aside from my poor night’s rest, today was really relaxing and fun. I met a lot of new people and just chilled out. It felt like what summer should have been like, with friends, alcohol, a pool, and BBQ.

Failed beer dive from Tibbs.

Lucky’s trying to shove TJ in the pool, and Ed’s trying to grab TJ’s wallet and phone before Lucky does so.


Bottles in order of who went first. Ended up third, second, first place, respectively.

Some of the boys, jamming together.

More jamming. Also, I didn’t realize that both TJ and Lee were in the corner.

A pirate and a colonial Brit.

Birthday boy and his birthday cake.

Birthday boy in a fez from Fez.


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