Childhood friends

Today, I had lunch with a childhood friend, Jennifer. We’ve known each other since I was maybe 5 and she was 6. I actually met her younger sister first at our preschool. We ended up going to the same kindergarten, and from there, we went through Elementary, Middle, and High School together.
We might have ended up at UC Davis together, had I chose to go there (heck, even in the same major), but it just didn’t happen that way.

We’ve been so lucky. We grew up really differently, but we’re still able to connect and be there for each other. It also helps that we’re neighbors (only separated by a few blocks).
I’m glad we got to see each other last month, at the mini-reunion her family held. However, it’s different catching up amongst family friends than it is girl-to-girl.

We had lunch together at Mimi’s Cafe. She got a salad (it came with a muffin :3), and I got a soup and salad combo (also with a muffin!). We were able to use a coupon to get a free dessert. She chose the mousse. It was an excellent and delicious choice. Our other childhood friend, (also named) Jennifer, wasn’t able to join us, but I hope that she’ll be able to next time.

Jenn (R) and me (L) with dessert.


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