Summer Session II is OFFICIALLY OVER!

I took my last physics quiz/final Saturday morning (8 AM, and I felt it). I was actually kind of sad to finish, because I actually like physics. It’s definitely hard for me to wrap my head around, but I like math problems, even though I’m almost always stumped. I guess it’s the aspect of me solving some sort of puzzle or something. The class kept me busy, so I liked that, too. Also, one of the TAs in the class was rather cute…*ahem*

Anyway, I was WAY happier on Thursday (albeit briefly, before returning to studying for my last quiz/final), because I was completely finished with Physics lab. So happy :]

It was just boring, for the most part. Although we had a really cool TA, and we did get to make a few things that we could take home.

“I went to physics lab and all I got was this lousy spectrometer and refracting telescope.”

I flew home Saturday afternoon/evening. Travs took me to the airport after I said my goodbyes to Chris and cleaned up around the apt/my room.
Linda turned out to be on the same flight, so the flight was really pleasant.

It’s sooooo good to be back in the Bay Area!! I love it here :]

I spent most of today relaxing after a driving session in the AM. Found out that we have On Demand cable, so I took advantage of the free movies, and watched the 1962 version of “Lolita” by Stanley Kubrick. Not nearly as controversial as the book, but due to its limits, it was still enjoyable.
This evening, my mom and I also went to her (new) gym. I enjoyed it–I got to run (15 min straight woot) and work with weights. Hopefully, we can do this often while I’m still in town :3

Tomorrow is Labor Day. This means more vegging out–I’m so tired from the past 10 weeks!!


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