Yeah. I miss this, too.

I am up super late/early. Haven’t done this in a long while…probably not since I’ve been in Copenhagen. Though it threw me off, I miss nights like this, when I’d probably be getting back from the Student House or a friend’s (most likely Lou’s) place. I miss the quiet, cold air of the night on my walk or bike ride home. I miss that security and freedom of coming and going when and where I pleased; the little things like the other late owls, drunkenly straggling back home, or the lights and sounds off of Strøget/Købermagade, when I’d finished my night wherever.

Most of all, I miss my bike, my friends, and the changes in weather, from summer nights with the sun rising at 3AM, to the winter nights when I’d come home at a pitch black 7 AM.

I really want to be back.


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