School. Bleh!

Today was my first day of summer school.

I was a bit nervous (as usual), because I was paranoid about committing the general stresses: being tardy to class, not being able to find my classroom, being stupid, being unprepared, making a fool of myself, etc.

It all went okay, I suppose.

My first class was Intro to Digital Photography. I think it’s a good way to start off the day :]
Class only lasted 1 hour. We also watched a film but some Swiss artists. It was relevant because the 2 guys also were/are reputable photographers, who made some pretty stunning/interesting things. Anyway, it turns out that I’ve seen the movie before. It’s titled, “The Way Things Go,” by Peter Fischli and David Weiss. I saw it at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in DK, the first time I went (by myself :3).
This time, though, I saw ALL of it. It’s so insane, but fun. Very well thought out. Every time things slowed down and I wasn’t sure the whole thing would continue on, I would get nervous and hope that it would continue until the end. Very cool :]

Class was supposed to be 3 hours, but it only lasted about 1 hour.

I just chilled outside and figured out possibilities for lunch. Ended up making quick plans with Vivian.

While waiting for the time/reading, I was approached by 2 Campus Crusade for Christ girls who wanted to share their feelings about God with me. I let them do their work. Dunno why. It entailed a survey where they asked me about myself and kind of where I stand on God, etc. Then I let them continue with points about God and his unending love for me.
It was half entertaining, though I never played with them. I was pretty honest, but I guess I let them do it cuz I was bored and curious about what they would say/do.

After, I met up with Viv for lunch. Was short but great! It was just so good to see her :]

After lunch was Genetics. Found Chris & harassed him during class. Kind of. All was fine until around maybe 16.30. I kept dozing off during class. I got soooo sleepy! I couldn’t help it :[

Because my photog session was cancelled, I decided to attend a Genetics section with Chris. Went quickly and relatively painlessly. Fun :]

All in all, the day went well. I’m lucky, though, that it was only the first day.

I hope it only goes up from here…


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