La Jolla, ho!

So, my mom and I finally made it to La Jolla, Friday evening.

We left around 9:30 AM to pick up lunch, and finally hit the highway around 10 AM.

Most of the ride was okay, at least until we hit L.A. Los Angeles traffic bites the big one. We sat in traffic from about 14.00 until maybe 17.00, and then we encountered EVEN MORE traffic. Didn’t reach the hotel until around 19.00.
I slept for most of it while my poor Mom drove.

When we finally got there, we checked in, and then went to go look for my place. Found it. It’s really nice! Too bad I can’t stay there for the year. Anyway, we loaded my stuff in, and then went to dinner. Came back and just relaxed.

Today, we took our time getting up and going out. I picked up some books for class, and then we ended up SHOPPING. I wasn’t going to. I wasn’t planning on it. But my mom wanted to, so we went. I ended up buying stuff even though I (nearly) swore that I wouldn’t.
I blame my mom for this. She can say no, but she doesn’t.

On the bright side, we took care of most of the errands today.

Classes draw nearer and nearer and I am becoming more and more nervous/scared. I fear making rookie mistakes as a senior. I know where my classes are, for the most part, but I fear making other mistakes related to time and other little things that have tripped me up in the past. I just want to do well and enjoy it here.

I’m sad that I won’t be in this super nice hotel anymore, and that I am away from home and family for a while. I just got home, dammit.

My solace is friends. I am looking forward to seeing and catching up with so many people!
Also, I will try my best to busy myself, be it with school or trying to make life enjoyable here.

I hope the fact that it’s summer will help me get through, as well as other little things.

Please let this summer be good!


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