Now, I want to go to Vietnam.

Just finished watching Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations: Vietnam.” Makes me hungry and I just had breakfast. I also had Pho the other day, which made me a bit nauseous. Not sure why. Might’ve been too greasy. It was good, though. So good :3

Anyway, here are some pics from the past few days.

My first In-N-Out burger, back from Denmark.

The crew, l-r: Travis, Selina, Guy, Paul, Daniel, Jamie.

Outside of Boudin Bakery. Man working there carried out a sourdough alligator (crocodile?).

It was super windy. Wore my jacket like a cape. Tried to get a pic of me pretending to fly, but the wind died down as soon as I whipped the camera out.

Dinner for buddies. Shepherd’s pie, salad, & sangria. Later, fried rice and pie were added.

Santa Cruz was meh, but it was nice to go back, I suppose; remembered a few things from my childhood.

Time to go marinate some ground beef for lunch >.> And back to packing…*sigh*


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